The LLS Difference

What Makes LLS the premier lobster tank manufacturer and supplier in the industry today?

There’s no one else in the industry that can deliver the exclusive custom tanks, the premium marine salt and supplies, and the “White Glove” customer service that LLS offers. The many exceptional differences speak for themselves.

    All of our systems are designed with a reservoir base which, in the event of a power failure, will automatically drop down all the water from the tank, thus keeping lobsters alive! Remember, lobsters will die if kept in stagnant water, but will live out of water safely for hours. ROI – reduced lobster fatality
    No more messy buckets of water on the floor! Our signature purging tank reduces the risk of slip and fall, and is the best system to acclimate lobsters to the environment in which they will be stored. ROI – Labor savings and reduced risk of liability claims. Click here to see our Self Contained Purging Tank
    The system can easily be shut down and all the water drained into the reservoir. Associates can freely wipe out the algae in the tank without their hands going numb from the frigid temperature of the water. The algae can thus be easily removed, rather than having it be mixed into the water only to settle elsewhere. ROI – Labor savings and improved display appearance. Click here to see a video on our reservoir design.
    Lobster Life Systems tanks have the largest evaporator coil in the industry. More heat transfer means less condensing unit run time, ultimately saving energy and maintenance costs. ROI – reduced energy costs and service calls
    Patent pending! No other tank in the industry provides better water disbursement and oxygenation harvesting the healthiest, largest bacteria colony which is essential for all aquarium applications, especially lobsters, shellfish, and edible fish. ROI – Extended life and healthiness of your live product


Want your restaurant to stand apart from all the others in your area? Then you should speak to us about creating and installing our LLS Signature Shellfish Spa®. 

Crisp, clean UV sterilized water is circulated and rained down upon multiple layers of shellfish varieties. Your product stays fresher longer and tastes unlike anything you’ve ever had before. As a matter of fact, if you want your shellfish any fresher you’ll have to dig and dive for them yourself!

What Our Customers Are Saying

If you want fresher, plumper oysters and clams you have to dig for them yourself

Ronald Emanuel, Executive Chef
Prime Steak and Oyster Bar, Beaufort NC

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