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Two Tip Tuesday 7

Tom Olsen talks about how to never run out of marine salt for your lobster tank, what to do if you happen to run out, and how to properly make your own saltwater should you need to.

Two Tip Tuesday 6

Properly storing lobsters until ready to cook, best steaming method

Two Tip Tuesday 5

You have a purpose. Deep clean algae service

Two Tip Tuesday 4

Lobsters pile up, crowd together. External thermometer

Two Tip Tuesday 3

Clean condensing unit of dust. Tank blowing air bubbles

Two Tip Tuesday 2

Life is Short. Lobster anatomy

Two Tip Tuesday 1

Tank is Cloudy. Adding saltwater to tank

Self Serve Lobster Tank with our Patented Lobster Handle

LLS continues to innovate and elevate the fresh seafood experience! In a labor challenged industry we’ve deceloped a solution. Our exclusive Self Serve Lobster Tank with our patented Lobster Handle. From tank to table NEVER touch the lobster until its cooked and ready to eat! Contact us for more information.

Shellfish Spa

LLS New Brand Video

Take a look at LLS and all we have to offer.

NJTV - News - Lobster Life Systems

Why Lobster Life?

See for yourself why your company should use Lobster Life Systems products and service

LLS Tilapia Tank Promo

Check out our Tilapia Tank Promo.

Lobster Life Systems Reservoir Design

In the event of a power failure all the water will drain into the reservoir ultimately keeping the lobsters alive. Lobsters can not survive in stagnant non oxygenated water.

Lobster Life Systems Self Contained Purging Tank

This is a demonstration shot in our exposition booth during a trade show in 2010. Many improvements have been made since the production of this video, but the visual is impactful