At LLS our experienced technical staff provides tank service and maintenance to supermarkets, restaurants, and wholesale facilities throughout the Northeast, from Maine to Maryland, and expanding every year. All LLS service people are aquatic specialists who are EPA HVAC certified. We service ALL makes and models of lobster tanks, fish tanks, marine systems, and refrigeration.

A lobster tank is a living eco system and to ensure the health of your lobsters, it must thrive. Not only is routine maintenance important to the health of a lobster but is crucial in maintaining a well-functioning mechanical system.

LLS offers several different service and maintenance contracts customized to your specific service needs. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Cleaning and maintenance of your entire aquatic tank, glass, skimmer, filter, system
  • Water Change
  • Water quality testing
  • Tank relocation
  • Plumbing inspection and repair if needed
  • Refrigeration services as needed, Freon charge, condensing unit cleaning, running pressure and temp inspected

At LLS We Offer the Finest Service

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  • Six expert technicians available from Maine to Maryland and New Hampshire to Indianapolis
  • We respond within 24 hours
    24/7/365 Service Support Line
  • Preventative Maintenance –
  • Scheduled Service Calls
  • Training during maintenance calls

Deep Cleaning Service

Does your tank look like this now?

If you answered, “YES!”, then you need our LLS Deep Cleaning Service. Our aquatic specialists know how to do a deep cleaning without affecting any inventory in your tank.

It will look like this after!

When the LLS Service Technician is done with your Deep Cleaning Service, your tank will look like new! 

We’ve been working with LLS for over 10 years! We have 3 commercial sized holding tanks that occasionally give us problems. The experts at LLS always answer the phone and are able to help us troubleshoot to solve the issue. We value our relationship with Tom and his team.

Matt DeChairo
Beyond Fresh, San Antonio, TX

Our Premier White Glove Preventative Maintenance Program

A clean seafood tank is important to you and your customers, whether you are a large retailer or a small restaurant.  Now you can have peace of mind and confidence 365 days a year by enrolling in our White Glove Program that ensures your tanks will always be cleaned and maintained properly. Remember – a well-maintained and clean aquatic tank means healthier, fresher inventory…which is more appealing to your customers. That means less losses and more sales revenue for you!

Our White Glove Program offers:

  • Scheduled regular maintenance throughout the year
  • Careful assessment of the tank and entire system
  • Emergency service upon request
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Reduced rates on all labor and parts including pump(s) and condensing unit

Complete the form below and we will have a service representative contact you. Or call (201) 398-0303 for more information or to request service.

The White Glove Quarterly Service is performed once every 3 months and includes:

  1. Complete water analysis: We test the water chemistry to ensure it meets all specifications. If it is out of specification, our technician will correct the situation
  2. Mechanical Inspection: The condensing unit, pumps, thermostat, LED and UV lights are fully inspected, tested, and the condensing unit fins are thoroughly cleaned. (UV bulb is replaced, if required, for an additional charge)
  3. Eye Appeal: Superficial algae is removed from inside the tank surface. Exterior is cleaned and polished.
  4. Leak Guard: The tank, all bulkheads and fittings are inspected for worn gaskets and/or leaks. Repairs are included in cost of service
  5. Filtration Replacement: Filters and/or carbon are changed
  6. Condensing Unit Insurance: Lobster Life will guarantee the condensing unit for the life of the contract, and replace them at NO EXTRA CHARGE providing it is:
    • A new LLS tank
    • A new condensing unit that we replaced in an existing tank (including Stark & Marineland) and invoiced after the agreement of this service
      (Meaning you pay for the first replacement and we guarantee the new unit for the life of the contract)
  7. No interruption of the service contract has occurred
  8. Pump Replacement: Never pay full price again! The program entitles you to a 65% discount off of our retail pump price.
  9. Discounted Emergency Service Rates
  10. Term of contract: 2 years

We service all makes and model lobster/fish tank.

Signature Warranty Program

For new or replacement systems, ask us about our Signature Warranty Program. We offer “Top to Bottom” protection for the life of your LLS system!

To learn more about Lobster Tank Maintenance, read our Blog.

LLS Maintenance Training Videos

States We Serve

We serve the following states:

ME, NH, MA, VT, CT, RI, NY, NJ, DE, MD, PA, OH, IN, KY, TN, WV, VA and growing

Call (201) 398-0303 to request service.

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