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LLS is the ONLY FULL-SERVICE design, production, aquatic supply, and maintenance provider for lobster tanks, fish tanks, shellfish tanks, aquariums, marine salt, filters, activated carbon, and other marine life systems serving North America.

LLS was founded in 1989 as a producer and supplier of marine salt for a few local retailers. Over the years the business grew into one of the major marine salt manufacturers and distributors in the country for supermarket chains, restaurants, independent grocers, gourmet shops, wholesalers and marine exhibitors throughout North America. LLS also began custom designing lobster tanks for clients who were buying the marine salt and today manufactures top-of-the-line, custom-designed lobster and shellfish tanks with the only self contained purging system available in the industry.

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We Specialize in Sustainable Aquatic Environments

Only LLS tanks have a reservoir tank below. In the event of a power outage or a mechanical failure, all the water in the main tank will immediately drain down into the lower receptacle tank. Lobsters can live for hours out of water, but only one hour in stagnant non-oxygenated water.

Why LLS?

Family owned & operated

All USA made products

Asset Protection®

In business since 1989

Custom designed

Serving supermarket chains, restaurants, wholesalers and independent grocers

Team Member Spotlight 

Anthony Huarneck

Anthony, “Ant”, is an exemplary role model for our entire team. His work ethic, attention to detail, listening and communication skills are second to none. He has been working at LLS for 7 years this past January as an Aquatic Technician. His job entails: 

  • Upholding & enhancing consumer and company relationships directly
  • Repairing and maintaining company products
  • Providing consumers with thorough training on appropriate product handling and care

Anthony said, “What I love about LLS is that I always feel as though my voice is heard. Our inputs are taken into consideration and taken seriously”. 

Anthony was born in Far Rockaway, Queens, NY and raised in Waterbury, CT. He is currently living in the Bronx. Ant completed freshman year of college at West Virginia University. Some hobbies include: collecting vinyl records, rock climbing, playing video games, being a Mets fan, and hanging out with his girlfriend & friends.

Current interest: Learning JavaScript and programming fundamentals 

Favorite Quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take – Wayne Gretzky” – Michael Scott

Thomas Olsen said, “We are blessed to have Ant on our team both professionally and personally. Our clients think so too! We’ve received multiple compliments about him throughout the duration of his career with us.”

We have had the pleasure of working with Tom and his team at Lobster Life for the past 10+ years. Their dedication to customer satisfaction has kept our relationship intact. Tom’s commitment to equipment, and service far surpasses anyone in the industry that we have dealt with. We appreciate their attention to detail and expertise in helping us sell the highest quality seafood available. 

Thank you,

Nick Maniaci
The Fresh Grocer
Nicholas Markets Inc.

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