A Presentation at C.A.S.A. by Tom Olsen(Central Atlantic States Association of Food and Drug Officials)

Article by Thomas Olsen, President

On May 9, I had the pleasure of speaking to the C.A.S.A (Central Atlantic States Association of Food and Drug Officials) members at the 2023 Educational and Training Seminar in Pittsburgh, PA, about Molluscan Shellfish and Lobster Care. The three-day event at which exhibitors, university, consumer, industry, and regulatory representatives present relevant developments, materials, techniques, topics and issues in the food, drug, environmental health, consumer affairs and laboratory areas. 

I was proud to speak extensively about how to best handle live lobsters at retail level, and what to look for when inspecting or operating a retail store/restaurant.  Purging, bacteria vs ammonia, time and temperature, and proteins were all discussed.

I also presented the LLS Shellfish Spa. This cutting-edge signature display tank is growing in popularity throughout the country! I enjoyed teaching about the technology incorporated to reduce pathogens, de-sand, and increase the integrity of the live mollusks sold. The feedback was positive and many Food Safety Officials from both the private and public sector were engaged and asked for follow up meetings. 

Did you know??

Independent lab analysis was performed by Sani-Pure Laboratories and test results proved that clams and oysters displayed in the Shellfish Spa have less coliforms than their counterparts sold on ice or under refrigeration. Check out the video on our website, and be sure to contact LLS for more information.

Create a point of differentiation in your market place! Be the first to install it, because our dream of the Shellfish Spa being the new standard in the industry is increasingly becoming reality.

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