Live Shellfish Tank Maintenance

Article by Cody Schmeer, Director of Operations
  • Pans should be inspected daily for dead or cracked product
  • LLS does not recommend mussels to be stored in the tank.
  • Water should be changed weekly or more frequently as needed when a strong smell is present. Open ball valve with system running to divert circulated water into the drain. Once all the water is pumped from the system turn off the pump.
  • Replace with freshly made salt water in 4 gallon increments. Saltwater should be made at a ratio of 1lb salt to 4 gallons water. It is recommended that at least 3 buckets of saltwater be kept in the walk in box to maintain temperature and used when replacing system water. Once base is filled to 3⁄4, turn pump back on.
  • If newly made saltwater is being used, it is important to mix in a few scoops of ice to bring the water temp below 40° Always check specific gravity with a hydrometer. Ideal range is when hydrometer is floating with the green shaded area at the water level (or 1.020-1.025)
  • Filter pads on each level should be changed weekly.
  • Activated carbon (charcoal) pillows should be changed twice a month or when strong smelling or discolored water is present.
  • System temperature should be checked daily. Leave a hydrometer/thermometer in the base of the case cabin for accurate water temp reading. Water temp should always be below 40°f
  • The system has Ultra Violet Lighting in the mechanical compartment to minimize bacterial growth and maintain purified water. UV bulbs should be changed every 6 months. If the system is being maintained by an LLS technician on a quarterly basis, the technician will change the bulb and leave a sticker noting the last date changed.
  • Product should be rotated when new product is added. Tags for each product showing lot# and bed # are provided by the shellfish provider. One tag should be displayed in each pan with its respective product. Once sold out the tag must be kept on file for 90 days.
  • Cleaning of the cabinet and stainless racks is recommended weekly. It’s good practice to do this when performing a water change. Simply remove the racks and wash them with an abrasive pad to remove any surface salt or debris. DO NOT USE ANY SOAP OR CHEMICALS. The cabinet of the system should be wiped with a non-abrasive cloth to remove dried salt, and condensation spots. DO NOT USE ANY SOAP OR CHEMICALS

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