Lobster Tank Maintenance

Article by Thomas Olsen, President

Is your lobster tank suddenly running warm? Does the water tend to get cloudy often? Do you  suddenly find that there are dead lobsters in your tank? While there are a number of  possibilities as to why you are experiencing these problems, the root cause can be attributed to  regular maintenance on your tank or lack thereof. Routine maintenance on a lobster tank is  crucial. A lobster tank is a living eco system and to ensure the health of your lobsters, it must  thrive. Not only is routine maintenance important to the health of a lobster but is crucial in  maintaining a well-functioning mechanical system. Routine maintenance will certainly add  tangible dollars directly to the bottom line. This printable chart is a useful tool and a good  addition to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Don’t have time to perform routine maintenance? We’ve got it covered. LLS offers what we call  White Glove Quarterly Service (QSC). This program is designed with you, your customer and  your bottom line in mind. We will visit the store every 3 months and perform the quarterly  maintenance as defined in the chart above. Quarterly service costs far under weigh the cost of  emergency service simply by detecting and managing issues before they arise. Our program  cannot be beat, and NO OTHER COMPANY OR PROGRAM CAN COMPETE to the pay back we  offer. The LLS White Glove QSC insures peace of mind and has many cost saving benefits like an  automatic pump replacement every year, regardless of its condition! Many industry  professionals told us we’re nuts for offering this, but we strongly believe that through honesty,  hard work, and value, we will continue to grow our business and increase loyalty. Something 

our competitors have long lost and really can’t get back. The ROI of our White Glove QSC is not  only monetary. Think about this when analyzing value……The overall customer perception of  your store includes a clean, well-functioning lobster tank and that return is priceless. A dirty  poor functioning tank is no different than a dirty poor functioning meat, deli, bakery, or seafood  display case. To learn more give us a call @ (201)-398-0303, or simply fill out the form on the  Contact Us link in our website and we will promptly get in touch with you. Our White Glove QSC  is offered to our customers from Maine to Maryland and every place within a 300 mile radius in  the USA. That includes you Niagara Falls NY region! We service all make and model tanks, and  even offer a buy back incentive!  Just look at what we’ve done with the tank in a major supermarket in NY……. Don’t delay.  Contact LLS today!

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