Custom Manufactured Tanks

Lobster tanks, crab tanks, shellfish tanks, fish tanks…what do they have in common? They’re all aquariums. At LLS we build the finest custom aquariums, lobster tanks, and seafood display cases for supermarket chains, independent grocers, restaurants, and wholesalers.

What they all have is the LLS Difference including our Built-in Asset Protection and Raintray Bio Filtration System. Learn more.

We can custom design and manufacture tanks to your specifications. We will work within a custom floor plan and match your display case profile to give your case a seamless look that enhances your store décor. 

Some popular options include blue background, LED lighting, economy finish, dividers, UV sterilization and more. You dream it, we make it!

Our history and experience in the retail space makes LLS the right choice for your tank requirements.  

Below you will see some of our most popular lobster tank models. Many other aquarium options are available, so reach out to your LLS representative for more information about a custom tank. Or call us at 201-298-0303 to discuss your tank specifications.

Gallery is not all inclusive. These are the most popular sizes. We will build to your specification if one fo these doesn’t fit your floorplan


25lb capacity
24W x 24L x 54.5H


40lb capacity
32W x 24L x 55.5H


50lb capacity
30W x 32L x 51H


60lb capacity
32W x 36L x 55.5H

L-80 Double

120lb capacity
32W x 48L x 63.5H
Also available as single level 80lb capacity – 32x48x55.5

L-80 Double

Against the Wall
120lb capacity
32W x 48L x 63.5H
Also available as single level 80lb capacity – 32x48x55.5


80lb capacity
48W x 32L x 54H


120lb lobster capacity
Matches Hill Phoenix® PTD profile
60W x 48L x 54.5H


60″ x 32″ x 59″
150 lb capacity

Don’t see what you need? Contact us. We will build custom tanks to any specification you desire.


Want your restaurant to stand apart from all the others in your area? Then you should speak to us about creating and installing our LLS Signature Shellfish Spa. 

Crisp, clean UV sterilized water is circulated and rained down upon multiple layers of shellfish varieties. Your seafood stays fresher longer and tastes unlike anything you’ve ever had before. As a matter of fact, if you want your shellfish any fresher you’ll have to dig and dive for them yourself!

Call or contact us for more information.

The Shellfish Spa we bought from LLS has increased our sales by over 50% and cut our shrink to almost nothing. Our guests praise the quality and taste of the product out of the tank and they keep coming back for more.  

Alex Grayson, Executive Chef
Oyster Bar Royale, San Francisco, CA